Edward Weeble Power and Bounty on One Piece

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Read theory Edward Weeble Power and Bounty on One Piece, Edward Weeble is character on one piece manga that has super power





Weeble’s name is obviously based on the eponymous toy.

The grey material is of a higher density than the red material, causing the center of mass of the object (labelled C) to be very low. This means that when the weeble is wobbled, as in position B, the center of mass will be on the other side of the pivot point (where the weeble is in contact with the ground), and so gravity will cause it to return to an upright position.


We know that Weeble claims to be Whitebeard’s biological son. But could it be true ?
Here’s what Oda says about it in Volume 83’s SBS:

There’s definitely more behind it..
But what ?

After Whitebeard almost destroyed Marineford, I believe the World Government truly realized his strength and wanted their own “Whitebeard”. Weeble is an artificial human who was created to be as strong as Whitebeard was. As such, he received some of Whitebeard’s DNA, thus gaining a strong body and tremendous strength.

But how did they obtain Whitebeard’s DNA ?
Only a few people got to approach him during the Battle of Marineford.
Let’s list them :

• “Whirlpool Spider” Squard
• Fleet Admiral “Akainu” Sakazuki
• Swordsmen Marines
• Admiral “Kizaru” Borsalino
• Blackbeard

As you can see, definitely a lot of Marines got some Whitebeard’s blood or flesh on their blades/weapons. It might have been really easy for them to obtain his DNA.

Edward Weeble was born. However, he wasn’t totally as strong as Whitebeard, and the project was called off. It would mean he’s technically only 2 years old, as he was ‘born’ after the Battle of Marineford, fitting his naive side.

Speaking of which, I believe Miss Bakkin was once a rogue scientist who conducted the project of creating Weeble by using Newgate’s DNA. As such, she could be considered as his “mother” in a way.

During the two following years, he made his proofs as “Whitebeard Junior” and the World Government, knowing his origin, acknowledged his strength and offered him the title of Shichibukai.


As a Shichibukai, it is highly possible that Edward Weeble has eaten a Devil Fruit.
He’s shown some impressing feats such as destroying cities and causing high casualties, and defeating several New World veterans’ pirate crews (such as A.O’s).
His head is even 480 millions of Berrys worth.
He seems to be the offensive and ruthless type, especially when feeling insulted.
He’s really dumb and all, so a complicated Devil Fruit wouldn’t fit him.

Based on all we’ve seen, I believe he’s eaten the

BURU BURU NO MI (from wiburu, the Japanese way to pronounce weeble):
A Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to become a weeble himself and to change the place of things’ weight, hence toppling them over.

1) Usage

Let’s see what he could actually do:

• Weebleman (Wīburuman)

Weeble changes of shape to become egg-shaped, just like a weeble is.
He can roll at high speed on the battle field, due to the gravitational force making him roll endlessly. He only stops when he hits something strong or durable enough to make him slow down.
Weebleman could also allow him to tank blunt attacks without taking any damage and waking back up

• Balance (バランス, Baransu)

Weeble manipulate things’ weight as to make them topple over by pulling the thing in question.
He could for instance pull sea bed out and make it topple over his opponents

In another instance, he could bring his opponents down to the ground by manipulating the place of their body’s weight.

As you see, those abilities would be quite similar to Whitebeard’s, hence confirming Kizaru when he says that Weeble is reminiscent of Whitebeard, and would explain why a ship got in the middle of an island’s town.


That’s it for this quick speculation mates! What do you think ?

Please review, rate and share your opinions.

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