Mother Name of Sanji One Piece Theory

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So in 852 we learned Sanji’s mother name. First I would very much like to say the obvious if you’re AO or not caught up.
SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS (really its only 1 spoiler maybe 2).

So remember this?

Well know that Germa 66 is run by Sanji’s family. Judge Vinsmoke being its king. His wife died around the time that the Vinsmoke quads were 8 years old.
This is their mother:

Her name was translated today as SOLA. So the basic thing I want to say here is that sometimes in translating japanese to english the L and R sounds are interchanged. Zoro was translated a Zolo in the 4Kids dub. Luffy was referred to as Ruffy in some translations. Franky was called Flanky for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is indeed the hero Sora and her name was mistranslated this week.

It is also possible that her name is Sola and the Government changed the name of the hero in the comic strip propaganda to Sora like they changed Gol D. Roger to Gold Roger.

So here are some implications of her being Sora the Seawarrior, a Marine:
(I don’t think these all will be true but in light of this they might just be true)

1. She was the reason Judge had immunity from WG persecution
2. Her death caused Vegapunk to be taken by WG forcibly.
3. Her seagull is Sengoku’s seagull
4. Sengoku made the Vinsmokes world criminals becuase of her death
5. Sengoku is her relative/ he loved her
6. Vegapunk is her relative she has a robot companion
7. She once fought against Judge’s empire in the North Blue
8. She beat Judge or the true enemy if germa isn’t evil
9. Vegapunk and Sanji are relatives
10. Vegapunk will be an ally
11. She is the reason the Vinsmokes fell from power
12. Sengoku, Vegapunk, and Sola had some plan that was undone in the past.

What do you guys think. Her name being Sola is wayyyyy too much of a consequence, right? What else could you see this leading to?


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